About Sour Apple Studios

Hi, and welcome to my website! You've stumbled upon my online portfolio; everything here is a collection of my work, which I hope you enjoy.

Every Thursday I aim to submit something new here, be it comics, art, or projects. The Front Page displays all the most recently added material in these categories.

If you want to learn more, read below or check out my contacts for the links that work best for you.

About the Artist

Sour Apple (me) is a college graduate with a degree in Psychology and career in Education. During her evenings and weekends she explores her bizarre creative outlet; writing music, designing games and telling stories through art. Other than a handful of art classes her style is mostly self-taught.

When she's not doodling she's playing cards, eating sushi, or outside in the rain kicking a bunch of leaves around.

About the Comics

"Monty and Wazo" features Monty, a disgruntled rat high-schooler living with his brother Bob and hyperactive budgee friend Wazo.

"Bobbleheads" button follows the stories of random people in random situations. No real consistent characters here, just consistently weird jokes.

About the Projects

The green-apple "Gallery" button contains one-off illustrations, such as commissions and extra comics. The popular fan-comic Horrortale is featured here.

The questionable "This n' That" button holds more extensive projects like games and music! Check it out to find more.