Commissions are Closed until November 2018

Send me an e-mail at to request a commission and check on availability. I will answer any questions you may have.


  • Share what type of commission you'd like (see below).
  • Include any helpful photos, diagrams, profiles, ect to explain your request.
  • Once I have accepted your request you can make the payment through paypal.
  • Once payment is made I will complete your commission.
  • I currently run on US currency and paypal transactions may be subject to currency exchange charges.


  • Type A $5- A simple sketch. Ordering any other type will waiver this price.
  • Type B $15- Polished lineart with optional quick-coloring. Add $5 for extra characters .
  • Type C $20- Polished lineart with shading and background. Add +5 for extra characters.
  • Type D $25+- Lineart for a comic strip. Price includes 2 characters, add +$5 for extra characters.
  • Type E $30+- Full color and shading of comic strip.


  • Add half of original price for extra characters.
  • Type A $10- Simple animation loop, colored, icon/avatar size
  • Type B $30- Simple animation loop, colored, shaded, background
  • Type C $40+- Lineart of complex animation (story, action sequence, ect)
  • Type D $50+-Coloring and shading of complex animation
  • Type E Initial Price x2- Adds interactivity to your animation (Ex. an interactive Type A animation=$20).


  • I can decline a commission and refund your money at my own discretion at any time.
  • I own copyright and ownership of everything I draw.
  • You are free to end the commission after the initial sketch.
  • You can use my work for non-commercial purposes.
  • You can not re-sell my commissions under any circumstances.