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What is going on????

Ah, sadly again this is a missed update, but this time with a reason. I'm working hard to completely reset the look of this website (and working on an animation),so stay tuned for more news about that. Make sure to check out my twitter SourAppleTweets for more updates. Thank you for dropping by :)

posted on 12.7.17

Commissions are OPEN!

Check out the "Store" link to figure things out, and send me an e-mail if you're interested. Thanks!

posted on 1.26.17

Welcome to Sour Apple Studios!

This website is still under construction so webcomics are not yet posted on schedule, but stay tuned because they soon will be. In the meantime, why not look around?

All the weird round buttons on the top of this page feature stuff that I made. I'm always working on something... The buttons on the right are self-explanatory, no questions asked.

If you wish to inquire about anything around here click on "contact". My e-mail is


posted on 10.8.16